Hello! I’m Cassandra A Campbell

Are you living the life you want and deserve?

Is there something preventing you from becoming your true self, living your dream or simply being happy?

Do you find yourself continuously pressing the self-destruct button?

When will you be ready to break through the unproductive or negative cycle and step out of your comfort zone? Next year, 5 years, 10 years from now?

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6 steps to a No Barriers Mindset

With my 6 step blueprint to transforming your mindset, you can break through the mental, emotional or physical barriers that affect your relationship with self and others, your career and life aspirations.

Acknowledge that you are stuck or struggling

Accept where you are, to get to where you want to be

Affirm that you are ready for change

Action your plan to achieve your goal

Alternatives are possible, seek another route

Actualise your goals and make it happen

You CAN break through your barriers and CHANGE your life!

Cassandra’s communication was positive, non-judgemental and encouraging. She helped me focus, plan, use and develop my own problem solving abilities. Cassandra was sensitive to my learning style and my specific issues, offering lots of practical activities and exercises to promote different ways of identifying and managing my goals, Sessions dates were planned in advance and she was flexible to adjusting these when required. I highly recommend Cassandra as a coach.


Whilst reluctant to have coaching due to my own personal issues, I have not regretted making that first step of coaching with Cassandra. The quality of the one to one coaching sessions are valuable to my needs and personal growth. Cassandra’s resources are in depth and mind provoking and she is thorough. I am more than happy with the service(s) she provides and would highly recommend her.

L Bennett

I’ve been working with Cassandra for a while and have found her to be highly attentive and responsive to my various coaching needs. Also, I find that her broad understanding of so many different issues means she is able to adapt to whatever issues I’ve put her way. In short, she is nothing short of a revelation to me and adds value to my life at every juncture.


Cassandra has helped me to clarify my goals and overcome obstacles that were holding me back. What I love about working with Cassandra is that she is flexible, patient and uses a varied approach to supporting me. She challenges my thought processes and behaviours in a non-confrontational way, while holding me accountable; which is exactly what I need. Her method of working enables me to break down tasks into bite-sized chunks, which gives me the space to achieve them without feeling overwhelmed.