I am an Empowerment Specialist who will support you on your journey of self awareness, self love and self empowerment; tools which contribute to achieving your life desires.

Having experienced mental, emotional and physical trauma as a result of different types of abuse and medical conditions which affect my mobility and energy levels, I found myself living a life encumbered by limiting self beliefs and negative self concepts, resulting in barriers I believed I could not break through to live a happy, content life.

After many years of internal turmoil, I finally found the strength and courage to address the trauma I had experienced throughout my life and attended counselling.

I spent several years reprogramming my thought processes and developing my mindset, in order to overcome challenges that became barriers to happiness and self worth. Arriving at a place of inner peace and worthiness, encouraged by addressing the traumatic experiences head on and the challenges my condition poses; I went on to study several practices of self-development.

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Studies in counselling and coaching, prayer and meditation were important components of my growth and the catalysts that facilitated me in discovering my purpose to support others in self-development.

Breaking through my barriers has enabled me to go for what I want in life which includes, becoming a personal growth coach, mentor, workshop creator and former managing director of S.E.L.F – a youth personal development organisation; albeit with setbacks and diversions.

I’ve lived it, overcome it and turned it into a positive, by helping others break through their barriers and enjoy life with a NO BARRIERS mindset.

Speaking Engagement

Cassandra has helped me to clarify my goals and overcome obstacles that were holding me back. What I love about working with Cassandra is that she is flexible, patient and uses a varied approach to supporting me. She challenges my thought processes and behaviours in a non-confrontational way, while holding me accountable; which is exactly what I need. Her method of working enables me to break down tasks into bite-sized chunks, which gives me the space to achieve them without feeling overwhelmed.


I had considered Life Coaching sessions in the past, but chose to opt out of talking therapies altogether as I did not believe any of them to be very effective. Cassandra is very professional, accommodating, perceptive, and supportive in her approach. I am really very grateful to have had this opportunity.


Cassandra has been a great inspiration to me. She always made time for me and gave me the tools I needed to move on to the next phase of my life. Since my sessions with Cassandra I have been able to reach some of my goals in life and have confidence to do the things that I always wanted to do and overcome obstacles.