My aim is to support clients on a journey to discovering or rediscovering their strengths and abilities, explore their potential and achieve life ambitions.

How I Work

My approach to working with clients is to:

  • be non-judgemental
  • supportive
  • provide accountability
  • be objective
  • constructively and gently challenge negative thought processes
  • help identify negative beliefs and transform them into positive ones
  • step out of their comfort zone at their own pace
  • provide a platform for empowering clients to confidently face difficult challenges and overcome emotional barriers

Whether it be individual or group work, emotional intelligence and self-awareness underpin everything I do, supporting clients in identifying and utilising their power to kick start the process of transformation and achieve their goals, whatever they may be.

So whether you are a young person or adult struggling with your emotions and want to change your behaviour, a survivor of abuse unsure of how to move past what you’ve experienced, living with a long-term illness or seeking your purpose, I can provide the tools needed to empower you to make the changes you desire.


One to One coaching sessions are personalised, according to your individual needs. These sessions can either be via Skype or telephone and occasionally in person, depending on your location. There are two package options of 7 or 14 sessions available, according to your requirements.

My online coaching programme ‘Chronic Illness – It Doesn’t Define Me’, is a structured 6 step process for those living with a chronic condition. If you are ready to take the steps to transform your life from existing with an illness that controls your every waking moment, to enjoying your life despite it, then this is the programme for you! The programme can be completed in your own time, at your own pace. Ideal for those with a busy schedule or health condition, that affects your ability to be available at a scheduled time.

Please book an appointment for your free 30 minute initial consultation, so we can discuss your needs and which programme will suit you best.

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6 steps to a No Barriers Mindset

Acknowledge that you are stuck or struggling

Accept where you are, to get to where you want to be

Affirm that you are ready for change

Action your plan to achieve your goal

Alternatives are possible, seek another route

Actualise your goals and make it happen

Group Work

Teenager to adult workshops and programmes:

  • Pandora’s Box – Emotional awareness programme for young women
  • The EDS UK teens Confidence Building and Hopes & Dreams workshops
  • The Nurturing Mum’s programme – Child development and emotional awareness for young mums
  • The Independent You programme- Independent Living for young people

To book me for a workshop, programme or speaking engagement, please send your enquiry to or use the Contact Me page.


Cassandra has helped me to clarify my goals and overcome obstacles that were holding me back. What I love about working with Cassandra is that she is flexible, patient and uses a varied approach to supporting me. She challenges my thought processes and behaviours in a non-confrontational way, while holding me accountable; which is exactly what I need. Her method of working enables me to break down tasks into bite-sized chunks, which gives me the space to achieve them without feeling overwhelmed.


I had considered Life Coaching sessions in the past, but chose to opt out of talking therapies altogether as I did not believe any of them to be very effective. Cassandra is very professional, accommodating, perceptive, and supportive in her approach. I am really very grateful to have had this opportunity.


Cassandra has been a great inspiration to me. She always made time for me and gave me the tools I needed to move on to the next phase of my life. Since my sessions with Cassandra I have been able to reach some of my goals in life and have confidence to do the things that I always wanted to do and overcome obstacles.